Experience, commitment and trust

About Us

We are a thriving, mid-size law firm that prioritises building successful, long-term relationships with our clients.

We aim to provide innovative, flexible and expertly tailored legal solutions that suit the individual needs of each client. We know that every matter is unique, with specific challenges, and requiring expert, personal service.

We approach each of our matters with a commitment to excellence, integrity and reliability.

Our values

  • Our focus is to provide integrity, ethics and honest dealing.
  • Our ethos is client care above all.
  • While we believe everyone should be properly renumerated, we find our motivation in looking after our clients rather than maximising profit.
Our History

Robertson, Saxton, Osborne

Recognising our shared values, complimentary expertise, and long term commitment to clients, the formation of RSO was an exciting opportunity to broaden and extend our services, and to enhance our expertise and competency for the benefit of all our clients.

Robertson Saxton Primrose Dunn

RSPD has a long heritage in North Sydney dating back to the early 1900s, which has resulted in a foundation of legal excellence, commitment and significant experience.

In 1992, long-time friends Bruce Robertson & Jeremy Saxton merged their successful individual practices to reach a broader client base and expand the range of services each offered.

Not long after, they had the opportunity to benefit from merging with , Primrose & Dunn, who were the first law firm to be founded in North Sydney, commencing in 1929.

Geoff Osborne & Associates

Geoff Osborne & Associates was founded in Seaforth by Geoff Osborne in 1997, after having worked as a solicitor since 1987. His hard-working and dedicated team are well known for their competency, friendliness and efficiency in all that they do, and it was with delight that RSPD merged with them in 2017.